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+ Important Info

  • Please send the following info to 
    name of the product:
    additional info: 
  • Otherwise we will contact you directly after 2 business days
  • Note: The listing of the product test is solely visible and accessible to subscriber of the "Official Beauty Member" program by JCMaster Beauty

+ Benefits

  • Create trust: create more trust with customers by showcasing a product certification issued by a german company on e.g. your product listings & package
  • Make a distinction: Our Tested Certification is solely available to JCM Beauty Member which is only available upon invitation or approval by our team after an application has been made
  • Increase sales: We will include every Beauty Member on our amazon Store which will redirect to your listings on amazon (NEW: Our team is working on an option to include all tested products on our website too - which will  e.g. redirect to your website or amazon listing
  • Access to influencers: We enjoy relationships to a variety of influencers in the beauty area. Upon request we can arrange a cooperation.
  • Get found on the web: Every tested product is eligible for an either dedicated or inclusion in a blog post. This will increase the awareness for your product.
  • Improve your brand (upon request): We offer dedicated audits and access to exclusive resources which will help to further improve your branding

+ Test criteria

Generally speaking one test is usually performed by 3+ member (mix of males and females) of our team with diverse experience in the beauty category.

We will judge the products performance on its practical and promised use in non-lab environment. We do not perform chemical tests but rather its practicality in daily life. We do not attach measures such as "very good" or the like. The eventual result, i.e. certification will include the products name, date of test-completion and reference to our website - for maximum transparency for the individual customer. 

Bonus: If our team likes the general performance, we will include the product in upcoming blog posts.

Our result will be objective and to our own discretion. The following criteria are usual measurements of the final result: 

Technical Data

e.g. weight, size etc.

Delivery contents

e.g. set, extras etc.


e.g. materials used, ingredients etc.


e.g. amount of reviews on the web, social following etc.


e.g. discounts, prices on different marketplaces etc. 


e.g. review-sentiment on amazon

Other 3rd party test results

test results from other sources



+ Legal notice

  • Testing a product within the JCM Beauty Bronze Membership costs 17,99€ one time
  • JCMaster Beauty does not bear shipping costs
  • The "Tested" certificate will be issued with a unique ID, product name and  the date of the successfully completed product test
  • The continues use of the Tested certificate is bonded to the monthly subscription of the Membership (bronze, silver, gold) per product. The usage of both membership certificates, i.e. the "Official Beauty member" and "Tested", stops once the subscription has been canceled

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