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11 secret tips & tricks for beautiful fingernails

11 secret tips & tricks for beautiful fingernails

How about if you were among the 2% with the nicest nails and hands? 😎 Find out in this article.

Our team of nail designers have seen probably more hands (and nails) in the past decade than most of us ever will.

But there were three things in which customers' nails differed enormously: general health, care and the overall look.

Of course, most of the customers had generally well-groomed and healthy hands, but how about the top 2% with hands that melted away?

As is customary in some Far Eastern cultures, the hands, just like the eyes, are viewed as a mirror of the soul and conclusions can often be drawn about health problems or psychological problems.
"Reading hands" is a variant of this, whereby the lines inside the palm of the hand are analyzed in detail.

Our nail experts do not specialize in the palm of the hand, but in the customer's nails!

As we all know, the general care of the nails should always have a high priority in the daily care.
Who likes unkempt hands? Örgh ...

Well-groomed hands can only be topped with a handsome nail design .
Fortunately, our nail designers, who always help us with the development of our nail burrs and bits , have noted down the secrets of our customers with super-healthy hands over the years .

Are you already using all the tricks?

Read the following 11 tips & tricks from women with super beautiful hands & nails carefully so that you can use them right away!

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1. It always keeps your hands clean.

Before you even do anything with your nails, make sure that your nails and the surrounding skin have been completely cleared of dirt and impurities.

Then you should then remove all residues from the last paintwork with an acetone-free remover. Everything else dries out your skin unnecessarily and affects the natural skin barrier.

A customer recommended an insider tip from Dr. Ava Shamban , author of “Heal your skin”. She recommends applying sensitive soap to a toothbrush and gently removing dead skin cells, residues and dirt. The toothbrush acts like a peeling tool. In conjunction with soap, the real miracle can work without the use of harsh chemicals or other drying substances.

2. She treats her hands gently.

Nails are one of the most sensitive parts of your body. Corrosive chemicals, inexperienced nail cutter applications, strong peelings and everything else that has a "hard" effect on your nails can have nasty side effects.

An example are e.g. infections or badly growing nails. A customer, who also works her nails privately with nail burrs, approached the whole thing very cleverly: 3 years ago she bought a beginner model like this one and only after she had gained more experience did she switch to a advanced model , like the JSDA JD 5500 um.

Particularly efficient tungsten carbide bits work so quickly on the nail that inexperienced people can quickly injure themselves, as the speed of advanced studio burrs is often set far too quickly and, for example, the nail can be removed quickly with applications on the underside of the nail can detach from the skin. Ouch!

3. She cuts her nails regularly.

Regularly trimming your nails is just as important as trimming the ends of your hair regularly

As a general rule of thumb: trim every two weeks - but be careful: all people are different. Pay attention to how your nails react and adjust your trimming individually, tailored to you.

4. The health of your nails is more important than the length.

Who doesn't envy people with long, beautiful nails ?!
But as is so often the case in life, you will not achieve your goals if you approach and pursue them stubbornly.

Having long nails that are prone to almost any movement and break often can be a headache. But even women with strong, long nails need not always have been blessed by the God of beautiful nails. They just often have more patience.

Many customers of our nail designers and Dr. Shamban recommend cutting your nails short to start with. Then you should first concentrate on making your nails stronger. You then let your nails grow steadily. Watch out for any weak spots during growth.

5. She trims her cuticles properly.

The cuticle protects the base of the nails from dirt and infections. The constant removal of these increases the susceptibility to possible infections a lot.
If you still want to work on your cuticles, then you should do this very carefully with a tool provided for this purpose.
It is best to do this directly after the shower and then massage the worked areas with cuticle lotion.

6. It cleans your nail tools.

Just as you should clean your make-up utensils regularly, you should disinfect your nail scissors, bits, attachments and nail burs; and for the same reason: bacteria.
Tools made of metal should be cleaned with soap and plain water. All tools are then disinfected with alcohol. Easily replaceable items, such as nail files, should be completely replaced.

7. She studies the ingredients of her products.

Just as creams or lotions are not made from the same ingredients, you should also take a look at the composition of everything you use on your hands. With chemical substances such as dibutyl phthalate, formaldehyde and toluene (could you only pronounce one?) All alarm bells should go off for you. These toxic substances cause your nails to dry out and break down. The result is nails that break like thin ice. OUCH!

8. She protects her hands during manicures & pedicures.

The UV light from nail lamps can be effectively counteracted with sunscreen. Our nail designers have had the best experience with SPF 30-50 when it comes to protecting the skin effectively during manicures and pedicures.

9. It gives your hands enough moisture.

You pay attention to sufficient moisture and care for your facial skin, but not for your hands ?!
From our experience and the experience of customers, we can say that rich formulas such as a mix of almond and avocado oil excellently promote regeneration overnight and provide the nails with sufficient moisture. However, there are many other nutritious creams and lotions that your hands and nails will thank you for.
Nothing at hand? No problem! You can also simply use your lip balm and take care of the most necessary areas.

10.She uses appropriate protection

Cold weather and no gloves? Do the dishes with unprotected hands?
The result is often flaky, dehydrated hands. Cold, moist air dries out your hands, and aggressive soaps or e.g. surface cleaners not only dry out your hands, but also go much deeper into the layers of the skin and give you cracked, unsightly hands.
The solution?
Simple gloves.

11. She rethinks her diet.

Just as your hair or skin improves through certain adjustments to your diet, your nails also change through special foods or through the nutrients in them.
Nails are made of keratin. Vitamins and supplements such as vitamin E, fish oil, biotin and nutrient-rich foods: green vegetables, protein-rich foods, fish and nuts are particularly important for the development of keratin. Unfortunately, since we are all different, there is no such thing as one-size-fits-all. As soon as you have found a combination that suits you, beautiful nails will not be long in coming.


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