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Nail cutter

Nail cutters & bits - ideal for beginners and professionals 💅🏻

Our nail burrs or electric nail files are ideally suited for all areas of manicure and pedicure applications and have been inspiring various nail salon owners for years, as well as beginners who have just started nail design with a nail burr.

We have suitable bits on offer for every milling cutter

Our premium bits, which are characterized by durability and precision and enable better results. When choosing the right accessories for the new cutter, attachments for rough removal of acrylic & gel nails, but also bits for precise processing of nails, such as cuticle bits, should be an integral part of every nail designer.

Answers to frequently asked questions before buying a nail cutter

  1. At JCMaster Beauty you can choose from various payment options. These include invoice and installment purchase , which is particularly popular with our customers and is securely processed via Klarna.
  2. Nail cutter sets are another popular option. Our sets also contain premium bits (e.g. ceramic or hard metal), with which you are well equipped for any pedicure & manicure application. In addition, you can save a lot with complete nail burr sets.
  3. An internal test and comparison of our most popular milling cutters can be found here.
  4. Many customers would like to purchase our professional nail milling cutters and the appropriate accessories in drugstores. We currently do not offer our nail milling cutters and bits from DM, Müller or Rossmann .
  5. You can model gel nails as well as acrylic nails with our milling cutters.
  6. You will only find original goods on our website and from our sales partners (amazon, Real). The company name from which our brands JSDA & JCMaster are sold is "Mustbuy GmbH". Pay attention if you want to purchase electric nail files on amazon.
  7. The most popular and most frequently chosen attachments are grinding sleeves and cylinder-shaped bits for our nail burrs.

Advantages of JCMaster Beauty professional milling cutters in nail design 💅🏻

Our milling cutters combine an understandable panel on which the necessary settings, such as the speed of rotation, can be set as required. In addition, the use of a foot pedal is optional and can be selected at will in any case, but not absolutely necessary.
Furthermore, our devices can be disinfected regularly so that germs can be avoided.

Every milling cutter is made of durable materials and the turning technology is not the same as that of a drill, as is so often the case with inexpensive devices - these are often the reason for an uncomfortable feeling when using it.

JCMaster and JSDA E-files, on the other hand, are characterized by excellent smoothness and low heat generation. This makes the job easy, convenient for customers, and better results.

11 advantages of JCMaster nail burs 💅🏻

Whether the old gel is to be removed during the refill or cuticles and cornifications are to be removed, electric nail files from JSDA & JCMaster Beauty always do an optimal job.

  • Optimized nail modeling
  • Use in the area of ​​manicure & pedicure
  • Removing excess cuticles & calluses
  • Remove gel & acrylic
  • Precision
  • Efficient
  • Quick
  • Compatible with non-brand bits
  • Interchangeable individual parts
  • Longevity
  • Incorporate nail art elements