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Nail design training - as a beginner you have to pay attention to these 5 things

A nail design training course is a basic requirement in dealing with nail burs and being successful with artificial nails.

Beginners in the field of nail design should in any case take a training course and never simply use a nail milling machine "straight away".

Although there are more and more individual videos on platforms like YouTube, these videos are often taken out of context and the tips from the nail design tutorials are not always consistent and can cause confusion.

This short guide will show you what you should really pay attention to before you take a training course.

1. How much experience does the course instructor have?

Course instructors should have at least 5 years of experience.

At best, the course instructors should also already have experience in the field of training.

Yvonne Nickels has more than 20 years of experience in nail design and several years of experience in training.

In addition, with it offers its own shop for gels and other accessories for nail modeling.

The "JCMaster Beauty" brand has been selling leading devices in the nail industry with the JSDA nail burrs and models such as the EasyPro +, which are sold throughout Europe and used by more than 1500+ nail salons.

Furthermore, our website has more than 400+ 5/5 star ratings from satisfied customers.

In cooperation with Yvonne Nickels, we successfully published a basic nail design course in 2020.

This online course includes the high-quality EasyPro + milling cutter, attachments for the device and the accompanying online course.


2. Which products are used in the course?

During the course, high-quality products should be recommended in any case, which promote good results and at the same time do not break the wallet.

Especially in view of the fact that things like attachments, gels etc. often have to be bought later.

In the past, we have also found that some course instructors use nail burrs, which often have a completely different effect than the devices that the students buy.

Milling devices for nails often differ greatly in terms of performance and handling.

Some devices e.g. do not have a speed control.

As a result, tutorials from course instructors who work with devices other than yourself cannot be transferred directly to your own, alternative nail cutter.

This was one reason that we developed an online basic course together with Yvonne Nickels, which includes a high-quality nail burr.

After completing the purchase, the customer has direct access to the course and within 2-4 days a package with the EasyPro + nail cutter will arrive.

The EasyPro + nail cutter is exactly the same device that Yvonne Nickels uses in the online course included in the purchase.

The advantage for beginners is that you can transfer the training instructions directly to your own application and thus get a "feeling" for the device.

The EasyPro + nail cutter can also be seen in this video:

3. Questions & access time to the course?

Every online course should have unlimited access time as a standard requirement so that it can be classified as serious.

We also think that a one-time course fee is a better option for the customer.

For example, our course is limited to a one-time fee and every customer has lifetime access to it.

In addition, queries are often extremely important.

Individual questions arise in most cases

For this reason, the option to be able to contact the course instructor after the course is an essential part of any serious nail design course.

In our course, for example, all participants can contact our course leader Yvonne Nickels directly and ask for advice.

4. For which target group is the course suitable?

You should always pay attention to which target group the course in question is suitable for!

For example, our course in cooperation with Yvonne Nickels is suitable for beginners in the field of nail design.

Other, more advanced courses, however, often teach more complicated designs, which require a solid basic knowledge and are therefore unsuitable for beginners.

Further courses can be found e.g. on the website of Yvonne Nickels:

5. What kind of course is it?

A basic distinction is made between online and offline courses.

Traditional offline courses that take place at a training location have, without question, their right to exist.

Online courses are a rather new way of acquiring new skills.

However, the way these courses are set up and delivered just keeps getting better.

For example, our "Essential Nail Cutter Online Basic Course" is presented in short videos and you can precisely measure your own progress in the course.

In addition, PDFs accompanying some of the clips of the course have been added for free downloading, which promote the learning effect.

Online courses are also ideal in times like Corona, as there is absolutely no physical contact.


With these 6 things in mind, the decision to find a suitable course should be a lot easier for you.

If you have any questions, you can ask them directly on this page: Click here

We will try to answer every question as soon as possible! :-)


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