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Commercial discount

Inexpensive professional burrs & attachments for your nail salon?

For years, commercial nail studios have trusted us when it comes to the right accessories and a low price.

Did you know, for example, that ...

More than 80% of our commercial customers save considerably on costs for nail cutters , bits etc. compared to wholesalers by purchasing their work tools from us?

10% studio discount

Become a business customer and permanently 10% discount on every order from an order value of 110 €.

How to become a commercial customer:

Either you already have a user account in our shop or you register a new customer account . Then please send us your business registration via PDF or another suitable format to Please note the e-mail address you have registered in your user account. We will then check your details and release your discount after a successful check. A retroactive discount is not possible.

You don't know which cutter is the right one for your nail design? Are you looking for a recommendation?

We are happy to advise you at any time and recommend suitable sets, inexpensive professional milling cutters, etc. from our range.

Are you ready to take your nail design to the next level?

class! We look forward to your message.

For any commercial inquiries and further information, please first send an inquiry to:


You should receive an answer within 24 hours, but the demand is extremely high at the moment, which is why the response time may be minimally delayed.