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JCMaster MCA6, 5x Premium Hartmetall Bits Inkl. 1x Polierbit JCMaster Beauty JCMaster
JCMaster MCA6, 5x Premium Hartmetall Bits Inkl. 1x Polierbit JCMaster Beauty JCMaster
JCMaster MCA6, 5x Premium Hartmetall Bits Inkl. 1x Polierbit JCMaster Beauty JCMaster


JCMaster 5x premium carbide bits incl.1x JCMaster Beauty polishing bit

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1 x cleaning / polishing bit, 3x carbide cutter bits (mixed strengths: medium-coarse)

▶ ︎ The most important information about this product

  • Carbide bits complete set: 5x premium carbide bits and 1x free brush bit; Ideal nail design must-have / suitable for manicure / pedicure / callus removal / with practical storage box
  • Different areas of application: Carbide burrs for different areas of application (including rough removal of nail modeling, polishing / removing grinding dust, working on difficult areas, cuticle / cuticle removal, etc.) Fits all common electric nail files
  • Outstanding quality: Developed with nail design experts in Germany. Bits are characterized by their cutting ability and durability
  • Suitable for continuous operation & easy-care: Low heat generation, extremely smooth running and & easy-care. We recommend a disinfection bath / drill bath.
  • Certified and safe: FDA-tested and certified nail milling cutter bits. Standard dimensions: Suitable for all commercially available nail burs and suitable for left and right-handers

▶ ︎ Description

Premium nail cutter carbide bit set 5x including 1x brush attachment for cleaning artificial nails.

Intended for working on artificial and natural nails. With these bits you can easily remove any acrylic or gel from your nails.

Carbide bits are used for applications on artificial nails. Bits & attachments made of carbide let you do a quick and effective job.

These bits are made of durable materials and are therefore very suitable for professional nail designers, but should never be used on natural nails.

Attachments made of hard metal are suitable for all common work on gel and artificial nails. So you can also file the tip transition with carbide bits, file extension gels thinner and shorten or shape the nails.

Tungsten carbide attachments are characterized by their extremely low heat generation. They shine with a very high removal rate, so that you can quickly remove the old model. In addition, carbide bits are very wear-free and they also impress with their particularly high load capacity.

Ideal for long-term use.

Suitable for nail milling cutters from JCMASTER and JSDA, but suitable for all common nail milling cutters.

Very good cutting ability, durability, efficiency, speed, easy handling and corrosion resistance make these bits a must-have for every nail lover!

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